Our Sustainability Promises


Our puddings are all moulded in reuseable plastic pudding bowls, meaning we have saved thousands of single use plastic bowls from being made and ending up recycled or in landfill.
We also reuse any plastic that comes to us – for example biscuit crumb containers are reused to soak fruit and for measuring ingredients. We look after them and use them for as long as we can and then find them another use if possible (hello herb planters!)
assorted plastic bottles

Our Packaging

When we thought about our packaging, we wanted opening the puddings to be like opening a present. But we also wanted to make sure the packaging could be either composted or reused. So! The vegware wrap and cotton string can both be composted, and the velvet wrap and satin ribbon make beautiful gift wrap!

Palm Oil

We went on a big learning journey around palm oil and for now, based on the evidence, we use products that are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. If you’d like to find out more the link below explains why simply switching to other oils wouldn’t stop deforestation and might make it worse. We keep a close eye on this and if we need to change what we use, we will.